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Open Easter Sunday

Updated: Mar 28

Great new! We are open on Easter Sunday as usual.

10am - Mixed Ability

11am - Essentials / Beginners

12pm - One-to-One

1.30pm - One-to-One

2.35pm - One-to-One


Don't forget the clocks go forward on 31st.

We are closed on Friday 29th March and Monday 1st April.

Open again on Tuesday 2nd April from 1.05pm.

Change in Class Descriptions

You may have noticed slight changes in the levels of the classes. This is to reflect the STOTT PILATES TM repertoire of exercises and give more idea of the structure and progression of their Pilates programme rather than the participants physical abilities.

The Essentials level will focus on the hundreds of exercises on the Reformer, Tower and Barrels which start the programme, and believe me, there really are hundreds when you take into account all the possible modifications there are on each piece of equipment and the addition of small equipment! Pilates is an exercise that really pays off to take the time to understand it as well as be able to do it - it really is the ultimate multi-tasking for your mind and body!

The Essentials is a great class for those who have never done Pilates; used Pilates equipment; have any issue or injury or just want a bit more time and space to process the physical and mental information in Pilates. It is for Beginners but it's not just for Beginners, sometimes it's really useful to go back to the basics because you will understand them more and get something new out of it. Pilates is an ongoing learning process (see how I resisted saying 'journey' - oh damn, I just did!): you will find things out about your body your body you never knew as your knowledge about it increases and your relationship with it changes. Pilates is about controlling your movements and changing your body - and that takes time, patience and self-awareness. We don't just want to do a gym workout on a Reformer, we want to use 'INTELLEGENT EXERCISE' to produce 'PROFOUND RESULTS' TM.

The Mixed Ability Level mixes the Essential and Intermediate repertoire of STOTT PILATESTM - hundreds more exercises and modifications. The Intermediate / Advanced class progresses into the Advanced repertoire. At Pilates Now! we always design the classes around the individual participants, so we take into account the specific needs, abilities, injuries, issues and experience of the 4 people in front of us. As instructors, we have been trained to work with individual needs, and as everybody is different and has different needs and abilities, our classes are always different. Variety is the spice of life!

In all Pilates classes and exercises we always focus on the Basic Principles of Breathing; Alignment; Focus; Flow; Concentration and control.

Pilates exercises progress in three different ways:

1) the breathing changes

2) the exercise gets harder

3) the choreography gets longer

Adding extra springs doesn't always make an exercise harder, (it's not like a gym workout)

often the lighter the springs the more the core has to work! The springs provide challenge and support, so the lighter the springs the more the body has to support itself.

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Enjoy the Easter Bank Holidays. Find some time to focus on breathing, pandiculation, standing on one leg with your eyes closed and get some rest! And don't forget to Spring Forward on Sunday 31st!

Take care,


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