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February News / Pandiculate

Updated: Jun 24

I love it when the snowdrops start to appear! They're such pretty little flowers and bring the promise of Spring! It's always exciting to see the crocuses and daffodils breaking through the brown earth, bringing colour and vibrancy to their surrounding - the winter sleep is over; the days are getting longer, new life is beginning! In the landscaped grounds of Chiswick Park the buds are starting to appear in the trees, soon to be bursting forth into blossom!

We are going orange in the Pilates Now! Studio as it's FRUITY FEBRUARY! Come for a session in the studio and have an 'easy peeler' afterwards. We all need our vitamin C to keep our immune system strong, especially during the winter months when the coughs and colds are going around. What could be more refreshing after a healthy Pilates workout than a piece of healthy fruit?!

"Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it." Joseph Pilates

I hope you are remembering to PANDICULATE! Yawn, stretch, wriggle, release - move before you move! If you have been still (asleep, sitting down or standing up ...) make sure you pandiculate to prepare your body for movement and reset your central nervous system. Do some stretching as you read this!

If you have a particular tightness or issue in your body, make sure you move it gently before you put any weight on it. Don't forget your ankles - point, flex, circle - and feet - scrunch and stretch your arches and toes. Our feet do so much for us and yet we often ignore them - poor things! Give your feet some love - it is nearly Valentine's Day!

At Pilates Now! we take our training very seriously, always looking for ways to deepen, improve and update our knowledge. We are lucky to be involved with an industry that is always researching and we are able to tap into all these amazing, intelligent and passionate people with different areas of specialisation.

So I am very excited to be starting the Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist Course with the Core Exercise Solutions company. I have done many Pre & Post natal exercise and Pilates courses before but this is going deeper into the corrective exercise area and it will be helpful for so many people who suffer from stress incontinence, prolapse, hyper or hypotonic pelvic floor and so many other issues which are associated with childbirth. Even if you haven't given birth, our bodies change as we age and can weaken unless we keep working the deep core muscles and utilise correct breathing methods. As Joseph Pilates said, it is our duty to ourselves to look after ourselves - to attain and maintain our health. I'm looking forward to sharing more information with you in the future!

"Change happens through movement and movement heals." Joseph Pilates

Enjoy February! Chinese New Year starts on Saturday 10th February. The combination of the animal sign of the Dragon and the element Wood, means it is the Year of the Wood Dragon! The Dragon brings power, vigour and charm, and those born this year are thought to possess these qualities and are usually born leaders who encourage and inspire others! Sounds familiar?! I wonder if Joseph Pilates was a Dragon?!

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Look after yourself and those around you.

See you soon, Ris



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