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December News / Breast Cancer

Updated: Jun 24

I realise this is a little late as we only have a couple of weeks to go to the end of, not only the month but also the year! Shall we say it all together? "I can't believe it's nearly the end of the year already - where does the time go?!"

We have also got to the Winter Solstice, the shortest daylight day in the Northern Hemisphere. We made it through another descent into the darkness; it's so fabulous that from now on, the days get longer and lighter!

If you, like me, are still looking for a few more presents for Christmas (if you take part in it!), the Pilates Now! Gift Vouchers are an excellent idea. They come in increments of £25 and can be used for complete packages or money off a package. Have a look at the website for more details.

At Pilates Now! we are serious about our ongoing training; extending and deepening our knowledge and, in fact, have to complete at least 6 hours of 'Continued Education Credits (CEC) every year to keep our STOTT PILATES instructor status. It is brilliant being able to learn more, develop our skills and keep up to date with the research that is going on at MERRITHEW Health & Fitness and in the wider Pilates and rehab world. The more we know, the more effective we can make your Pilates sessions!

The MERRITHEW 2023 UK Symposium in November was another AMAZING and INSPIRING event! Debbie studied Zenga for Upper Body, which she is incorporating into her sessions. Zenga is a MERRITHEW programme incorporating fascial training, Pilates and Yoga. I did "Programming Protocols for Breast Cancer Rehab", with the fabulous PJ O'Clair, which highlighted current statistics, information, therapies and healing practices for both pre and post-operative stages.

The statistics are scary as Breast Cancer is the most common cancer, accounting for 12.5% of all new cancer cases worldwide. Men get Breast Cancer! The lifetime risk in men is 1 in 833. There is a 25% higher mortality rate than women, because it is seen as a 'women's disease', many men may ignore symptoms resulting in later-stage diagnoses with potential worse outcomes.

We should ALL be checking our chests, nipples and underarms for any deviations, lumps or bumps on a REGULAR basis.

"Physical activity as been proven to be a powerful, inexpensive, and enjoyable way to prevent many chronic diseases, including cancer. In addition to reducing risk, exercise has been shown to improve survival rates and enhance quality of life. Many experts agree that moving the body utilizing aerobic, resistance training, and fascial movement therapy is the best prescription." PJ O'Clair [Programming Protocols for Breast Cancer Rehab, course introduction]

Using Pilates equipment is effective and safe resistance training as long as it is with knowledgeable and qualified Pilates instructors. We incorporate fascial training into our workouts and will always select the best exercises to get you to your individual goals.

On a different note, I would like to introduce two new arrivals to the Pilates Now! Studio


A big THANK YOU to Denise


A big THANK YOU to Ana


The Pilates Now! Studio is closed between 23rd December and opening again on 3rd January. Book Now! as we are going to be busy! You can buy your passes as decide on the date you would like them to start to make the most of them.


To keep you moving whilst the studio is closed - remember, we only have 3 people in a class so we can still target those exercises specifically to you.

Thursday 28th December - 9.30 - 10.20am

Saturday 30th December - 9.30 - 10.20am


I realise this is a little early but look out for the Boxing Day Sale, starting on 26th December.

Between 26th -31st December the Introduction to Classes package is 40% off the full price - £96 - save £64!! Use the code: BOXINGDAY40 at the checkout


Also a little early, but the January Sale will start (appropriately) on 1st January

Between 1st - 7th January the Introduction to Classes package is 35% off the full price - £104 - save £56!! Use the code: NEWYEAR35 at the checkout.

Between 8th - 14th January the Introduction to Classes package is 30% off the full price - £112 - save £48!! Use the code: JANUARY30 at the checkout.

Between 15th - 31st January the Introduction to Classes package is 25% off the full price - £120 - save £40!! Use the code: JANUARY25 at the checkout.

Join us or let your friends know about this FANTASTIC deal!

And finally, I would just like to say THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF PILATES NOW! during 2023. I look forward to seeing you online or welcoming you back into the studio in 2024.

From Pilates, Junior, Debbie, Dionne, Marina, me and all the hedgehogs,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ris x

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