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One to One Pilates

In The Studio

Save money with Class Passes!


January Sale! - Starter Pass

A 1:1 session enables us to assess you (posture, movement, health, goals) and in 2 the 1:4 classes it's all about you. No one size fits all - with only 4 people in a class the class is bespoke.

One-To-One Sale!

What a wonderful way to get the New Year started! - 3 private Pilates sessions in the beautiful Pilates Now! Studio in the perfect setting of Chiswick Park!

One-to-One Six Pass

Save £30 off the full price!

Exclusive training!
Great for Pilates beginners. Excellent for Post-Rehabilitation. Brilliant for athletes!
If you have an issue with your body, let us help!


Sessions Available




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