Class Information

All new clients will need to book into a One-to-one session first before joining a class.


Get in touch if you would like a session at a time now listed on our current timetable.



Bespoke Exercise tailored to your goals and needs. Safest environment to work out if you have injuries. Quickest results, better technique due to personal attention. Great for beginners; Excellent for Post-Rehabilitation; Brilliant for athletes! If you have an issue with your body let us help! We can take your rehabilitation on from Physiotherapists or osteopaths.


It is advised to have a One-to-One before embarking on classes so we can do a Postural and movement Analysis, teach the basic Principles, take your health details and set your goals.

Sessions available everyday.

Online Classes

Pilates Plus - Mixed Ability / Beginners

Sunrise Pilates / Lunchtime Express - 50 minute classes 

Post Natal Pilates - 6 weeks after a natural birth / 12 weeks after a C-Section

Back Pain Pilates

Friday Stretch

Studio Classes

Reformer Plus / Reformer Mixed Equipment

Mixed Ability -

A great all-over workout using the Reformer, Tower and other equipment. Challenge yourself, whilst improving technique. If you've used a Reformer before, enjoy the added benefits the tower and barrels can provide.


Beginner -

The perfect way to start your Pilates journey! Learn the basics on the Reformer, Tower and other equipment and grow in body awareness, core strength, increase flexibility, improve posture and confidence.


Lunchtime Express -

50 minutes to get your body moving! Get honed and toned; stronger and longer!

Cardio-Pilates - Intermediate

Athletic conditioning on the Reformer with Tower, Jump-board and Cardio-Tramp. The ultimate fitness training! Take your Pilates to the next level! Exercises that help to prevent sports injuries and shape a stronger, more co-ordinated athlete.

Back Pain Pilates

Introduction/ Beginner -

Sitting at your desk all day? Lower back pain? Hunched over a hot computer? Upper back, shoulder and neck pain? Or lifting heavy objects? Stiff? Need to be stretched out? Need to strengthen your core and improve your posture? Need gentle exercise to balance your body and improve your well-being? Let us make a difference to your back!

Over 60s

Joseph Pilates said, "You're as old as your spine!"

As we age we lose muscle tone and flexibility - unless, of course, we exercise!

Pilates on Equipment is the perfect place to enable your body to be supported whilst it is being strengthened..

Come and rejuvenate your body! Use it or lose it!

Ante Natal

2nd and 3rd Trimester exercise

Time to enjoy your pregnancy. During your pregnancy your body will go through huge changes and having a strong core will help to keep you strong and reduce back-pain. 

Pregnancy is usually easier when you exercise and recovery after the birth is usually quicker. We can't promise you an easier birth necessarily but we can help you to prepare for it.

Post Natal

6 Weeks after a natural birth and 12 weeks after a C-Section.

Congratulations on having your baby! But you also need to look after yourself! Pilates on equipment is the best way for getting your body back in shape. We work to rediscover your core; to strengthen your body from the inside and help you to tone yourself back to shape.

The Best Way to 'Get Started!'

Introductory Offer

1 x Private Session is the initial consultation. We ask you to complete a Health Questionnaire, we talk to you about any health issues or injuries and find out your goals; we move onto a Postural and Movement Analysis, where we get to know your body so we can select the most effective exercises; teach you the Basic Principles; start you on the equipment.

5 x classes from our amazing timetable!

Please arrive at your first session 5 minutes early to complete the Health Questionnaire.

Wear clothes you can move in. (No runners shorts or leggings with zips in the back as they can scratch the Reformers)

Latecomers will not be admitted. In accordance with government guidelines, please wash your hands for 20 seconds before coming to the studio.